Rufus 3.20

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Enable applicable Windows User Experience options for Windows 10
Remember last Windows User Experience selection between sessions
Add automatic local account creation and regional options duplication
(NB: This is limited to creating an account with the same name as the current user and
with an empty password that the user will be prompted to change after first reboot)
Add a workaround for ISOs that have a 'syslinux' symbolic link to '/isolinux/' (Knoppix)
Revert to offline insertion of registry keys for the TPM/SB/RAM bypass where possible
Remove storage bypass, since this is a bogus bypass that doesn't do anything
Improve BIOS compatibility when displaying the "UEFI boot only" alert message
Fix Windows User Experience dialog appearing twice for Windows To Go
Fix Windows User Experience options not being applied for ARM64
Fix Microsoft Account bypass not being applied unless TPM/SB/RAM bypass is selected
Fix overeager detection of GRUB2 bootloaders with nonstandard prefixes
Add a new selection dialog for Windows 11 setup customization:
- Secure Boot and TPM bypass have now been moved to this dialog
- Also allows to bypass the mandatory requirement for a Microsoft account on Windows 11 22H2
(NB: Network *MUST* be temporarily disabled for the local account creation to be proposed)
- Also add an option to skip all collection questions (Sets all answers to "Don't allow")
- Also add an option for setting internal drives offline for Windows To Go
Note: These customization options are only proposed when using a Windows 11 image.
Add support for distros using a nonstandard GRUB 2.0 prefix directory (openSUSE Live, GeckoLinux)
Add the ability to ignore USBs (See
Change drive listing to always list in increasing order of size
Update exceptions needed by Red Hat and derivatives for the 9.x releases
Update UEFI:NTFS drivers to latest
Reassign a letter for drives written in DD mode that don't have an ESP (e.g. CoreELEC)
Fix Windows refusing to mount Linux MBR partitions on FIXED drives
Fix support for multiextent files when Joliet is in use
Fix DLL sideloading vulnerabilities
Fix ISO → ESP creation when running on Windows 11
Fix an issue when detecting network connectivity when the DHCP service is disabled
Update FreeDOS to version 1.3
Add bypass of Windows 11 restrictions for in-place upgrades
Add Miracle Linux 8 to the list of Red Hat exceptions
Other internal fixes and improvements
Fix MBR not being properly cleared
Fix commandline hogger not being deleted on exit
Improve ReFS handling for platforms that support it
Update UEFI:NTFS to latest and remove Secure Boot notice since this version is Secure Boot signed
Update Grub4DOS to latest
Fix ISO mode support for Red Hat 8.2+ and derivatives
Fix BIOS boot support for Arch derivatives
Fix removal of some boot entries for Ubuntu derivatives
Fix log not being saved on exit
Add Windows 11 "Extended" installation support (Disables TPM/Secure Boot requirements)
Add UEFI Shell ISO downloads
Add support for Intel NUC card readers
Improve Windows 11 support
Improve Windows version reporting
Speed up clearing of MBR/GPT
Update GRUB to version 2.06
Add support for .vtsi files (Ventoy Sparse Image, courtesy of longpanda/ventoy)
Add workaround for openSUSE Live ISOs
Move default app directory to %LocalAppData%\Rufus\ and always save a log there on exit
Fix AppStore version of Rufus not being able to store downloaded files
Fix failure to open Syslinux/GRUB files when Rufus is located at the root of a drive
Prevent the creation of 'System Volume Information' on ESPs written in DD mode
Prevent drive letter assignation to the UEFI:NTFS partition
Prevent persistent partition creation errors due to size
Enhance safety checks before running the Fido ISO download script
Other internal fixes and improvements
Improve DD write speed (uncompressed images only)
Improve checksum computation speed
Improve network connectivity detection
Only prompt for additional GRUB/Syslinux downloads when not writing in DD mode
Fix potential "loss" of disk after writing Ubuntu 20.10 in DD mode
Fix GRUB compatibility issue with Ubuntu 21.04
Fix Rufus MBR not being selected by default for Windows ISOs
Fix drag and drop being enabled during drive creation
Add more "exceptions" for forced DD image writing
Add a cheat mode (Alt-M) to accept disk images without a Boot Marker
Add marquee operation progress to the taskbar icon
Add zeroing/image writing progress to the log
Switch to using 0x55 and 0xAA instead of 0x00 and 0xFF for low pass badblock check
Switch to using fake/manufacturer units when computing the default label
Fix overnumerous write retries on error when writing a disk image
Work around Windows' abysmal handling of removable drives that contain an ESP
Improve mounting/unmounting of volumes
Update UEFI:NTFS file system drivers to version 1.7
Other internal fixes and improvements (VDS, error reporting, etc.)
Add optional SHA-512 digest algorithm (Alt-H)
Add a cheat mode (Alt +/-) to increase/decrease application priority
Enable direct provision of install.wim/install.esd for Windows To Go
Move Windows To Go ESP to the beginning of the drive, on systems that allow it
Enforce a minimum volume size of 256 MB for ext2/ext3 partitions
Speed up the scanning of ISOs with lots of Rock Ridge deep directory entries
Fix detection of GRUB version and update embedded GRUB for Ubuntu 20.10 support
Fix user interface labels for accessibility
Work around a Windows bug where the wrong drive letter may be returned
Add Rock Ridge deep directory support
Add an option to write small ISOs to an ESP (GPT only)
Add a cheat mode (Ctrl-SELECT) to extract content from an additional zip archive on top of the ISO
Add a cheat mode (Alt-G) to disable Virtual Hard Disk listing
Add a cheat mode (Alt-P) to toggle a GPT ESP to Basic Data (Windows 10 only)
Fix improper x86 32-bit NTFS driver being used for UEFI:NTFS
Improve UEFI:NTFS compatibility with older UEFI firmwares
Improve startup time by running the ISO download feature check in the background
Remove Ubuntu's splash screen for persistent UEFI drives
Enable ASLR for the Rufus executable
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